About Us

As we are the first balloon company in Turkey, we served more guests than the total of our peers.

Flying over Cappadocia with Kapadokya Balloons is a privilege for the following reasons;

  • We are the first balloon company in Turkey that has been establıshed in the tourism sector. We have flown since 1991.
  • Our company is officially registered and licensed by the General Management of Civil Aviation that operates under the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Our customer safety standards exceed the average requirements of European Aviation codes.
  • According to the legislation of 2013, we have the highest (10 + 5) balloon slot rights in Cappadocia.
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 approved.
  • Thanks to our long term existence in the tourism sector, such as tour management, hotel management, transportation and aviation, we have an experienced team of professionals.
  • We employ the most experienced pilots and ground crew in the region. Our operation team's language skills (English, French & Japanese) are excellent.
  • We are the only balloon company that provides transportation services with its own fleet which consists of late model vehicles which ensure comfort and security.
  • We use only the best vehicles on the road, land and air.
  • We are the only company that offers a double choice of breakfast; one in our authentic guest salon and another in the flight area.
  • We are the only company that chooses take off places according to daily weather conditions thanks to the vast experience of our crew.
  • We have programs to fit all types of customer requests; Standard Program, Deluxe Program, VIP program and Private Flights.
  • We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • World famous brands such as Mercedes Benz, Efes Pilsen, Coca Cola and Kia sponsor our balloons.
  • More than 20 international travel guide books and several independent travel consultants advise their readers to fly with Kapadokya Balloons thanks to our flight and service quality.

After graduating from Erciyes University, Tourism and Hotel Management, Nuray gathered his experience in qualified hotels and travel agencies. He joined the Kapadokya Balloons family in 2005 and is positioned as our Company Director since 2010. Nuray also received his commercial flight license in 2013. Levent NURAY is married with two children.


Kübra Pehlivanoğlu joined Kapadokya Balloons in 2010 as the Chief of Operations. Currently she is responsible for Quality Management. Pehlivanoglu graduated from Sakarya University Computer Sciences and Programming Department. Prior to Kapadokya Balloons, she worked in several tourism agencies in the region as a chief of reservations and operations.


Barış Pehlivan joined Kapadokya Balloons in 2011 as a pilot. Pehlivan is currently responsible for arranging flights and training of our employees.


Bekir Dursun started to work with Kapadokya Balloons in 2011 as a pilot. Dursun graduated from Hacettepe University Archeology Department. Currently he is responsible for managing ground services and maintenance.


Göknur Eren has been with Kapadokya Balloons since 2011. Since then, she has been responsible for managing our reservations. Eren graduated from Selçuk University Computer Sciences and Programming Department. She has been acquainted with the aviation sector since 2006.


Ertuğrul Çelik has been a Dorak Holding employee since 2006. In 2010, he was promoted to his post in Kapadokya Balloons as Accounting Manager. Çelik is married with 2 children.


Tuncay Ay is an experienced professional as a result of his extensive work in the prominent tourist regions of Turkey in the tour and hotel management fields. Ay joined Kapadokya Balloons in 2011. He owes his success to his joyful spirit that enables him to welcome his guests with a shining smile each morning.


Since the day they started to work for Kapadokya Balloons, all our pilots have improved their knowledge and skills in several areas, including in both the land and air, by working side by side with the best professionals in this field. Kapadokya Balloons' unmatched service culture is preserved by hands on tutoring of best practices. Each of our pilots start each day in high spirits to heartily welcome their guests.

  • Hasan Hüseyin Cingil
  • Serkan Evirgen
  • Durmuş Demir
  • Abdullah Koyuer
  • Kemal Aygördü
  • Barış Pehlivan
  • Serkan Turgut
  • Bekir Dursun
  • Deniz Akasoy
  • Recep Yandı
  • Emrah Gösterişli
  • Vural Demircioğlu
  • Murat Akgül
  • Bekir Bektaş

Since our establishment, our crew members have been the pillars of our success. The land crew of Kapadokya Balloons constitutes of local people, who are experienced about the area and trained to provide the required service excellence.

We owe the care-free and joyful approach of our flights to the hard work of our team members. All of our employees are passionate about aviation and they approach their jobs with dedication, devotion and a keen awareness about the importance of their responsibilities. In order to improve the capabilities of the crew, Kapadokya Balloons continuously invests in human resource development. Our members update their knowledge at various courses including flight, first aid, language, driving, wireless communication, guest service and flower arrangement.

We believe that they are the best team in the world!